We do not offer a series of random classes.  We strategically design each class to bring you the most effective fat-burning, body toning, strength and endurance training results.  You will enjoy dramatic improvements in your physical well-being and self confidence!  Your body will get toned, tighter and stronger!

Our small group training sessions are always fun, different and challenging!  It doesn't matter if you are highly athletic or new to working out, we can accommodate everyone!  We combine resistance weight training, cardio, flexibility, high/low impact strength and athletic conditioning, circuit training, core conditioning, cardio boxing, and even some dance techniques to bring you sessions that never get boring!  We also incorporate the concept of "muscle confusion", constantly changing workouts that confuse your muscles and decrease the risk of adaptation and  plateaus.

You will have our full support as well as that of your fellow classmates to keep you motivated and focused on achieving your goals!
Our trial month comes with an orientation and strategy sessions, fitness evaluations, nutrition counseling, accountability, motivation, encouragement and unlimited support!


Train with us:

your first class is free! (new clients only)

$59 Trial month for new clients only

$99 unlimited month

    $140 10 class package

$15 drop in rate