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EFFECTIVE solutions to your health and fitness needs

All of my programs are strategically created to provide the most effective route to your health and fitness goals.  Whether you would like to shed pounds, drop inches, increase your strength, tone your body, or just feel healthy, my program is right for you!


I believe that everyone is on her/his own personal health and fitness journey with a unique set of goals.  I take a holistic approach to health and fitness and am excited and committed to helping you along your journey!


"I began training with Donna at the end of August 2016 and working with her has been a great experience.  I am not only losing pounds (15 to date) but inches as well, without changing my eating habits all that much.  The gym is very nice and Donna offers a range of times for classes making it very convenient and I feel, affordable. Her classes are judgement free and I’ve met some very nice people, thereby eliminating my gym phobia and embarrassment of possibly not being able to keep up with the class.  Donna is a born teacher and takes the time to show the class how to do the exercises and makes modifications when someone needs it.  She is not a drill sergeant, but not a push over either.  Donna makes the classes fun and varied. She even throws in some yoga moves during our stretches which I really enjoy and I boxed for the first time in one of her classes and enjoyed that too.  I am not afraid to get injured while working out any longer or try new things thanks to her.  Donna’s total commitment to better health makes me want to continue and maintain the progress I’ve made and makes me think, if Donna is showing up every day, several times a day, I can push myself to go to class too.  I highly recommend DMO Fitness." ~Alicia Colasuonno 

"Just about one year ago I knew I needed to make a change in my life. I had joined so many gyms and always gave up, or never felt comfortable enough to join the classes because I wasn't in shape. A few of my coworkers mentioned they went to a trainer that did small group training, and they thought I should try it. So I talked myself into it, and went to meet Donna. She made me so comfortable from the very beginning. She always makes you feel like you are able to do something even if you feel like you can't! She is an amazing person and always has your best interest at heart. Everyone in her classes are so encouraging and friendly. Donna gives you a GREAT workout in every class. Everyday she has a different routine, and is always using different equipment or techniques that keeps each class interesting. I look forward to going to see her every week, and I couldn't be happier that I joined DMO fitness a year ago! Thanks for your confidence and encouragement Donna, you truly are a one of a kind person with a heart of gold and muscles of steel!!"~Alyssa Brown

" Get ready for an AWESOME workout with Donna Meeker-O'Rourke and DMO Fitness!  Donna's positive attitude and motivational sessions help you feel revitalized and more energetic, both emotionally and physically. She constantly switches things up, so it's never the same routine. The small class size allows for more personal attention, and Donna offers modifications for each move so that you can gradually build up your abilities. The option of early morning as well as evening circuit training classes allows the flexibility to fit into even the most hectic schedule. I HIGHLY recommend DMO Fitness for an effective, uplifting and supportive workout environment, with a personal touch! " ~ Barbara Besold

" Hi Donna , Thanks to your generosity, I won a month of your training classes.  I thought, I'll go give it a try. Never have been to work out classes since my early 20's.   I expected to come to try it out say "that's not for me". I got up the nerve and came by myself and had NO clue what to expect.  Your patience and guidance made me feel so comfortable.  The other people there were very encouraging.  I knew by the end of the first week, that THIS WAS FOR ME.  The way you change it up each night, it doesn't get boring. Nine months later, this has become a way of life for my.   I try my absolute hardest to get there four nights a week.   Because I love the challenge, and the friendships. Everyone is real.  There for the same reason.  So thank you Donna.  For offering such an amazing small group training class that I LOVE.   
Your biggest fan
Nancy " ~ Nancy Herner

"After six months of not working out due to my old place closing, I thought I'd never find a new place that worked for me. But thankfully I've found it. Classes are amazingly challenging. Donna is a wonderful coach. I actually look forward to getting up and 5:15am and coming to class. And feel pretty awesome and strong afterwards. Would recommend 150%." ~Lauren Till

"I started group training about 7-8 years ago and since then, have met a lot of trainers and experienced many different styles of training.  I joined DMO in January 2016 and found my home.  Donna is by far the best trainer I have ever encountered.  Every class is different and therefore never boring---even if an exercise is the same---the way they are grouped together or how she utilizes different equipment always keeps it interesting.  One of my favorite things about training with Donna is actually being trained - she is constantly watching us and when she tweaks my form or posture I end up benefiting so much more from the same exercise - there is literally no "going through the motions."  On top of all that is how incredibly nice Donna is and that radiates through every group she trains.  It's a friendly, welcoming environment that I look forward to going to every day---and of course I love how much more toned I am today then I ever was!!!  Thank you Donna!!!!!!" ~Hali Simon Goldfine

"Over the years, I have joined gyms only to stop going after a month or so because I have no idea what I should do or if I’m doing things correctly. I always felt like I was just one more body to the trainer and gym. A friend persuaded me to attend a session with Donna. WOW! I was hooked from that first session. I have been going to Donna’s training on a regular basis 3x/week for over a year. Donna knows every one of her clients; we are not just another body. She is encouraging and motivating and never, ever, boring. Donna continues to come up with new exercises and every class is different than the next. And the classes are small enough so you get individual attention. And most important, I can see results. There are now several less inches of me and I feel better than ever. Donna - Thank you!"          ~Susan Nucci

"Donna is a wonderful trainer and motivator, combining the best aspects of a personal trainer with the best of a large-gym fitness class. She manages to fully challenge a variety of fitness levels in the same class. Whether you're just coming to a fitness program, or you've been running marathons for years, Donna will challenge you in new and fun ways while providing a personal and non-intimidating environment. Her follow up texts and emails are motivating, encouraging and show just how much she cares about each and every client. And you can't beat her pricing! I can, and have on numerous occasions, recommended her boot camp-style programs many times, and am continuing to work out with her through pregnancy. You can't miss with Donna!" ~Rebecca Shell Kanarek

"I met Donna several years ago when I started running 5Ks. She is a wonderful person dedicated to helping others achieve their goals and making it different every class. She is very motivating and flexible with her class schedule. I highly suggest everyone to try her classes and see for yourself what she is all about!" ~Donna Bradley

"Donna is a true fitness professional! Her dedication to each and every one of her clients is amazing. I've tried many other programs and gyms in the past, only to find myself bored and uninspired. The beauty of working with Donna, is that she customizes each session to create a balanced form of exercise. Her sessions are challenging and invigorating at the same time! The fact that I look forward to each early morning session is proof that Donna has found her calling :)" ~Erika Bush

"Donna is an absolute inspiring person to work with. She is challenging, motivating, engaging and fun. She makes it personal and really takes the time to fit your needs. Her smile and energy is completely contagious. I truly enjoy beginning my day with her workouts!"      ~Ena Gomez

"I have never been a person who enjoyed working out. I always made excuses about not having enough time, but the reality, was it was not on my "to do" list.
I have been working out with Donna now for 7 months. I have never felt so motivated, so toned and so strong. I also feel a commitment to myself that I have never experienced before. Donna is encouraging, creative, devoted to her clients and her craft, and very motivating! Not to mention, class is fun!!! I have lost lbs. and inches and feel comfortable wearing sleeveless shirts! Donna's class is the gift I give myself three days a week!!"
~Lora Wegner

"I cannot even put into words how much I love training with Donna.  In just a few months, she's pushed me to realize what my body is actually capable of and continues to challenge me with each workout.  I have lost weight and inches, but more importantly, I have gained strength and confidence.  I wholeheartedly recommend Donna's program to help you find success and reach your goals." ~Erin Lenik

"Donna is a patient and supportive instructor.  Boot camp was tough.  However, with Donna's encouragement, my accomplishments were more than I could have imagined.  I love the results." ~Karen M-C

"The group training class with Donna was very energetic, fun and tough all at the same time! Donna is a great fitness instructor, knows her stuff, and had a lot of patience with newbies. She was tough, but always smiling and encouraging us. I felt great after finishing every class. I highly recommend Donna's fitness and boot camp classes!"  ~ Marina Aloyets

"Donna is tough in a positive way, hard but not overly, persistent but not overbearing...she makes you feel good which is what you want a trainer to do!"  ~Vicki Toffler